Our first release will be inspired by John Carpenter's "Halloween" 1978
Director/Chief Executive Producer/Cinematographer/Screenwriter/Production Designer/Art Director/Editor
Dillon Kroe
Executive Producer/ Assistant Art Director
Jody Olivas
Dillon Kroe
Katie Kay
Brittney Clarke
Aaron Groben
Also appearing
Chris Dunegan
Brandon McGuire
Kameron Gaxiola
Jaylah Sandoval
Mel Mede
Angel Chavez
Bella Kroe
Valerie Varkovich
Rob Edwards
Brandon Riel
Marcos Justo
Craig Jones
Daemon Garcia
Special guest appearances by
Ace Moreno
Mariah York
Michael York
Vincent Joseph Jr
Katie Dunegan
Traevonne Greene
Kyden Ritchie
Oasis Molina
Charlie Juarez
Darlene JuarezC
Candace Chavez
Veronica Vasquez
Our Haddonfield trick-or-treaters
Ray, Jonah, and Jesiah Barrios
Julian Martinez
Carlos and Kayla Lozano
Bella Kroe - Head Production Assistant/ Photographer/Assistant Camera Operator
Reme Zaporozan (Remzap Studios) - Concept Design Artist/SFX/Props
Nikos Dresios (Nagmasks.com) - Masks
Veronica Vasquez - Make-up Artist/SFX
Sandra Dominguez - Make-up Artist SFX
Rudy Salazar - Camera Tech/Graphic Artist
Sherrill Watts (Propgraphics.inc) - Props/Promotion
Srilekha Vedula - Vocal Artist/Singer
Christoper Andrew Yura - Visual Contributor
Brandon Small - Scenic Design
Travis Taylor (The Evidence Vault) - Props
Dana Todorova - Scenic Design
Charlie Monroe Cartier - Brand/Apparel Design
Maurice Nunez - Still Photographer
Christopher Butler - Promotional Design
Oasis Molina - Musician
Chia - Designer/Archivist
Brandon McGeorge - Promotional Design
Stephan Guenady - Promotional Design
Bill Blake - Haddonfield Sheriff Costume Consultant
Special thanks to our supporter and brother - Myers Il Capo
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